[OSHA lifting equipment safety]

As many as 2,000 students and veterans have already benefitted from the program and the LGH event in May promises to be one of the largest yet. Host company LGH, which rents a wide range of hoisting, rigging and jacking equipment throughout the USA, was an early supporter of the program. We decided from the beginning to back this initiative with both human and financial support, said Patrick Clark, National Rental Support Manager at LGH, We have never looked back, and continue to get more passionate and stronger in our convictions. This is an initiative that was started with foresight from an industry that was slowly watching their aging labor staff retire. Depending on the craft or trade, for every two or five folks retiring there is only one to replace them. It is a grass-roots effort to educate and inform our HSE regulations youth about opportunities currently available, and in the future. Today, there are seven million job openings. The big question is, where will we find the workforce to deliver the projects that our nation needs in energy and infrastructure? The event is jointly organized by Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA), the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), The Specialized Carriers and Riggers Foundation (SC&R Foundation), and KHL Group, publisher of American Cranes & Transport magazine. Lift & Move USA is free to attend, although advance registration is required online at www.liftandmoveUSA.com .

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