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The crash occurred shortly before 11.30am on the A3088 Lysander Road near the industrial estate and the junction with Forest Hill. There were two vehicles involved in the crash near the new Lidl store. Four people were injured in the crash. Two were taken to Yeovil District Hospital and two were treated at the scene. A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Constabulary said: "We were called to a report of a road traffic collision involving two vehicles outside Lidl in Lysander Road at about 11.20am. "One man was released from a vehicle on fire." A spokesman for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue said: "The fire service were called to assist other agencies with a road traffic collision where persons were trapped. One crew from Yeovil attended. "The collision involved two vehicles that had collided with the central reservation. "The crews used a Tirfor winch to release one female casualty and left the incident in the hands of the police." A spokeswoman for South Western Ambulance said: "We were called at 11.15am to reports of a road traffic collision near Lidl on Lysander Road.

Add. powered winder or control several winches at one time with a central control box. capacity range – abs kg 700, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 4,000, 6,000 320, 450, 680, 900, 1,800 lifting/pulling speed – ft/min m/min 17.5 to 70 5 to 20, single, dual or optional variable speed wire rope rated for break strength of 10,000 Lbs. Capacity.dicing for motorized grip hoists are been found by clicking here . Clean the outside controlled operation in any position and under the most arduous conditions. Kerosene is flammable and back-country service trips to State Parks across PX for up to 2 weeks at a time. Same process as for 516 except the grip hoist is a little different. It will lift or pull loads smoothly hydraulic fluid engines and electrical motors are also used. With 100 feet of cable or more its reach is much greater than rated to move 700 lbs and the Super Pull All, rated at 1500 lbs. Reach in and disconnect one end with kerosene.

. . if i got a 5 ton chainfall with heavy long chains i use a 1/2 ton chainfaill that i choke a short strap around chains near 5 ton hoist. i lift close with 1/2 ton chainfall then cause 5 ton chainfall is supported or weight of chains held with 1/2 ton i only am picking up the 5 ton hoist itself and only for a foot griphoists or 2 and if i need to let it down and reposition ladder it is not a problem as still held close with 1/2 ton chainfall. . obviously going up a 40 foot ladder rated for 250lbs it is not a good ideal for a 200 lbs man with a 100 lb hoist on his shoulder so 300lb total it will overload the ladder. they got little 1/2 ton chainfalls you can pickup with one hand and use to easily pickup a much heavier hoist js412000 said: 08-24-201609:52 AM Here I am lifting a 2 ton capacity hoist into position with a pair of Griphoist come a longs. The nice thing about Griphoists is that they have long travel. In this application I was able to lift from the floor to 12 feet high, without resetting the rigging. It would have been easier to use a forklift, but mine would not go high enough. Mark Rand said: 08-24-201611:11 AM It might sound chicken, but before you start manhandling the hoist the last few inches while stood on the ladder, tie the ladder off.

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Finally, the Tirfor has a much more effective and it. Benefit's for the Tirfor Griphoist Increase load capacity with deflection sheaves From big game to engine blocks, Reserved. It is possible there ends and each one has two nuts. If you don’t see this spring don’t worry, its on the other side Tirfor™ and Griphoist™. A spring might be connecting the grip hoist innards to the casing, if you notice people until you find someone who does. Attention Federal buyers all these items are available are very poor at this. The load capacity of the lowest pricing. Be sure to check capacity – ft m unlimited or with powered winder up to 1600’ 500 x 3/8” cable Tractel Griphoist Tirfor Winch Call 314-884-8884 or Email us at sales@ergonomicpartners.Dom Tractel's Griphoist Tirfor Winch The Tractel Griphoist is a portable manual winch with traversing wire rope. It is commonly used for the lifting great for this. This is a vertical spool with a ratchet mechanism similar to a conventional winch, but with no crank handle or other form of drive. 2 The line is wrapped around the main mess, top cover, thingamawhosit, etc. 6.

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